Safe Stay 2018

Securing your guests at insecure times

27 April 2018

Safe Stay is happening on the initiative on the tourism industry, because we cannot ignore the extreme and long-lasting impacts of more and more common natural disasters, extreme weather situations, health risk outbreaks, terrorist attacks, vandalism, cyber security issues and other negative incidents on tourism. We need to speak about, and practically prepare for, the worst case scenarios, in order to keep our guests safe on any given day at any given time, while continuing business as usual and giving them the best possible experience of their stay. This requires a new mindset for hoteliers, a new set of tools for destinations, updates to outdated procedures and practices, which will allows us to be fully prepared to act – not just react.

On Friday 27 April, NYA Director of Security and Crisis Consulting, Tess Baker, will be leading a workshop on Crisis Management – a best practice approach for protecting people, business and reputation following a crisis event. The interactive workshop will cover:

  • What does a crisis mean to your business?
  • Prevention is better than cure: how to mitigate the risk of a crisis occurring
  • What you can do in advance to be best prepared: building your crisis management capability
  • The importance of effective crisis communications
  • Post incident considerations

The Venue

Cavendish Conference Centre
22 Duchess Mews
United Kingdom

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