NYA authors new report on cyber threats in the maritime supply chain


NYA is pleased to announce the publication of “Risk Focus: Cyber” which explores the potential cyber threats in the maritime supply chain. The report was commissioned by UK PANDI LIMITEDTT Club Mutual Insurance Ltd and NYA with the aim of providing a valuable source of information for the maritime industry.

The increasing use of automated and digital systems is exposing the sector to a greater risk of cyber crime and with approximately 90% of world trade transported by sea, the maritime sector is an attractive and lucrative target to perpetrators of cyber crime. As a direct result of greater interconnectivity and digitisation, particularly relating to the ship bridge, a cyber attack at sea or at the ship/port interface has become a question of when rather than if it will occur.

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Cyber Risk Management

As an experienced cyber crisis responder, NYA can help advise maritime organisations plan and respond to cyber threats.

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